Why might my dog need physio?

  • Changes in behaviour

  • Reluctance to go for walks

  • Stiffness or stumbling when moving

  • Struggling with stairs or jumping in/out of the car

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Post surgery rehabilitation

  • Muscle loss/weakness

We take a detailed history of your dog including current exercise, diet, injury or surgery and more. A typical appointment will then include:

  • A static and dynamic (walk and trot) assessment.

  • Tailored treatment including massage, stretching, electrotherapies and remedial exercises.

  • A discussion of home exercises.


All dogs can benefit from improved comfort and mobility, particularly for performance enhancement or when suffering age related problems and post-surgery.

Where injury has occurred physiotherapy can help restore muscle strength, improve mobility and re-educate the neural pathways for correct gait patterning.


Veterinary consent is required before treatment (find form here), and your Vet Physio will work closely with your Vet in order to achieve the best outcome for your dog. 

Pysioball exercises can improve core strength and encourage hindlimb weight bearing