Equine Physiotherapy

Why your horse might need Physiotherapy...

  • Changes in behaviour such as bucking, napping, or general anxiety.

  • Reduction in performance such as a reluctance to go forwards or refusing to jump.

  • Resistance to being tacked up.

  • Rehabilitation post surgery or injury.

We take a full and thorough history of your horse including routine, injury, work level and more.

A typical appointment will include:

  • Static assessment of conformation, muscular imbalances and skeletal asymmetries.

  • Dynamic assessment in walk and trot, and sometimes on the lunge or under saddle.

  • Palpation of limbs and body to identify irregularities and signs of dysfunction

  • Bespoke treatment which may include a combination of manual therapies like massage and stretching, remedial exercises and use of electrotherapies, 


To maintain health and suppleness, three to six monthly checkups are advised.

Regular physiotherapy can improve the comfort, behaviour and performance of your horse regardless of what level of work they are in.


Regular maintenance improves muscular balance and symmetry and can help identify subtle problems before they escalate.

Physiotherapy is important post-surgery or injury as it is important to restore the normal muscle function, reduce muscle atrophy (wastage) and re-educate correct neuromuscular function and gait.


We do require veterinary consent before coming to see your horse, please download our veterinary consent form and return to us as soon as your appointment is booked.

Pole work can improve Range of Motion, core muscle strength and proprioception.