Horses can suffer back, joint and muscular discomfort just like humans do. These problems impact on the performance of horses, across all disciplines, and can lead to chronic pain and undesirable behaviour if left unresolved.



Dogs can suffer discomfort from joint and muscle pain. We often describe our pets as ‘stoic’ as they can disguise their pain so as not to appear vulnerable.

Evidence suggests physiotherapy improves the health and well-being of dogs generally, and for a variety of conditions such as osteoarthritis, elbow and hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament injury and neurological problems.



Many other animals can suffer from similar issue than those of horses and dogs. Other species that can benefit from physiotherapy include Cats and Cows as well as many more.

Please get in contact with us should you wish to discuss physiotherapy for an animal not mentioned here. We are always up for a challenge or an exciting opportunity!

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